32x150mm Treated Decking

32x150mm Treated Decking


Swedish Redwood Decking with a castellated profile on one side and smooth on the other, this decking can be laid either way up depending upon your preference.

Using Redwood Pine, our decking is more durable and stable than cheaper whitewood alternatives, having the inherent properties of being more receptive to preservative timber treatments and being slower grown, the timber is less susceptible to twisting.

Always ensure you space the boards leaving a gap of at least 5mm between each board to allow for expansion.

Thickness and width are expressed in mm e.g. 32 x 150. This is known as the nominal measure. The actual or finished size of an item is the size after planing, and will generally be about 4-5mm less (dependent on weather conditions) than the nominal size e.g. a 32x150 decking board will actually finish at roughly 27 x 145

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