160 x 230 x 2.7m Hardwood Reclaimed Railway Sleeper

160 x 230 x 2.7m Hardwood Reclaimed Railway Sleeper


These Reclaimed European sleepers have been a popular landscaping choice for many years. Long lasting, attractive rustic finish and very strong, they are perfect for many garden and agricultural uses.Please note, they are reclaimed and have been industrially used in a previous life for many decades. Therefore edges and ends may be worn and not perfectly square, they may still contain fragments of metal, various oils and diesel and even occasionally carry markings of their previous use.Please consider the environment with regards to surrounding of the finished project.These sleepers are heavy. 160 x 230 x 2700 sleepers can weight up to 100kg each, please bear this in mind when planning your project, including offloading of delivery.We are unable to cut these sleepers to size in any way.

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  • Reclaimed sleepers were originally treated with tar or creosote and most have absorbed diesel from the trains running overhead. Reclaimed sleepers should not be used where pets or young children will come into regular contact with them.

    Reclaimed sleepers often contain metal which damages saw blades, as such we are unable to machine them in any way.