Oak Sleeper

Oak Sleeper


100 x 200 x 2.4m or 130 x 220 x 2.4m European Green Oak Sleeper.

These landscaping Oak sleepers are a popular choice for steps, walls, raised beds, decking bases, ponds and areas where creosote treatment is unsuitable.

These sleepers are landscaping grade, which means they will be mainly square cut. They may have some rounded or waney edges, cracks or knot imperfections. Like all fresh sawn, “green”, timber they are still drying out or seasoning. As such they will still move as they season, causing variations in colour and slightly in finished dimensions.

These are heavy, ranging from 50kg to 75kg for our most popular 100 x 200 x 2400 sleeper. Please bear this in mind when planning your project, including the offloading of delivery.
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