Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing


50m Rolls of Galvanised Stock Fencing available in 0.8m high(C8/80/15) and 1.2m high(L10/118/15)

50m Rolls of Green Eco-cover 0.8m high(C8/80/15 Green)

Or High tensile galvanised 100m rolls of 0.8m high(HT8/80/15) & 100m rolls of standard galvanised stock fence (C8/80/15 100m)
All prices include VAT

  • C8/80/15 - C8/80/15 was originally designed as a pig fence, but now is widely used as a general all purpose fence. Mild steel stock fence does not need to be strained as tight as high tensile products. This means it is particularly useful if you have lots of turns in your fence as gradual turns can be made off intermediate posts.

    L10/120/15 - ​L10/120/15 is a lightweight stock fence. It is used mainly as a dog fence, or in areas of low stock pressure as a taller option to standard fencing.

    HT8/80/15 - HT8/80/15 is the high tensile equivalent to C8/80/15. This fence is the most popular high tensile specification. HT8/80/15 is a very strong and versatile fence that can withstand heavy stock pressure.​High tensile fencing can be strained tighter than mild steel and therefore requires less intermediate posts. It does not stretch like mild steel and is a far stronger option. Because of the need for less posts, high tensile fencing is quicker to erect and can be a more cost effective fence than mild steel.